1) What is your first book about?

In short, it`s about love. There are four characters who know each other all their lives, they are friends but haven’t been to their hometown since school and live in different cities. One day they all come home and that’s when something strange starts happening to them. What exactly? Wait and you`ll know as soon as the book is published.

2) If you had a chance to write any book already existing what book would it be?

That`s a tough question as I am really into reading and I have read tons of books and of course have got plenty of my favorite ones. But the best one for me is definitely War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I admire this writer, his talent, and perseverance. No doubts he was the writer of his generation. The book itself is mind-changing and makes you look at the world from a different point of view.

3) How do you usually make up a storyline? How much time does it take?

It`s hard to explain and I believe it happened to all writers. The storyline and main characters just emerge in your head and you start making up a story. It`s like you have a basement and you build a house. I`ve never made up a character from scratch, all of them have some features borrowed from my friends or family members.
Sometimes the plot decides itself how the situation will change in the next chapter and you can do nothing about that. You realize that such a twist was suggesting itself. I have a few books I`ve been working on at the same time and none of them began with a ready-to-publish story. I`d say it feels like they were writing themselves and I was observing.