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The Day After

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

I have to check out of this beautiful Cleveland room and get back to L.A. to see my wife and dog at last, so I’ll keep this quick.

This has been an amazing experience since starting FREE FOR ALL! two years ago.  In that time, I have lost my faith in democracy and regained it.  I know well that this historic moment will overshadow the many thousands of voter problems experienced across the country yesterday.  At, we have received over 700 videos and counting from across the country.  The vigilance of Americans everywhere leading up to this election was a key component to Obama’s success.  I hope there will still be a sense of outrage in spite of complacency.

In Ohio, I literally met people who came here to Video the Vote because they saw my movie on line and wanted to do something because of it.  That is staggering.  I am grateful to every volunteer and supporter.

I am grateful to my producer Holly and editor Vivian for realizing FREE FOR ALL! with me.

I am grateful to anyone who was inspired by this film, every small screening across the country to a few fascinated faces, every anonymous digit on a traffic counter.

I feel the enormous freshness of letting myself off the hook to do something after 2004.  Now I feel like I can do this comfortably, not desperately.

Let’s get to work!

John Wellington Ennis

Cleveland, Ohio - November 5th, 2008


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