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Dispatch from Town Hall Grudge Match

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

Here is a provocative short expose by a New Jersey reporter wading through the town hall meetings that have come to resemble the Star Wars cantina scene:  “He doesn’t like you…I don’t like you either!”  Flash!  Light saber amputation!  Who’s paying for your health care now, hollow alien arm guy?!

As thoughtful as this journalist tries to be, I concur with John Atrios at AmericaBlog that he ends up trying to balance a woefully lopsided scale.  “True to form, the reporter felt the need to make an equivalence” — in this case between a town hall overflowing with hostile, misinformed conservatives shouting at a woman in a wheelchair, and one pro-Obama guy speaking up repeatedly.    You decide for yourself.

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

For educational purposes, the aforementioned cinematic reference:


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