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Diebold Does it Again: ATM Specs, Anyone?

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

Not that there is much credibility left to Diebold, the ATM banking machine company that did to voting machines what BP did to off-shore drilling–which is to say, brilliantly convince even their most steadfast defenders that they should not even be in this industry, ultimately requiring federal intervention from supremely reluctant politicians that have been taking their money all this time.

With the SEC lawsuit and $25 million settlement with Diebold, as well as its investigation of three top Diebold executives, there are still numerous investigations into the legitimacy of Diebold being able to sell off their voting machines division, Premier Election Solutions, to their only other competitor, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), thereby creating a voting machine maker monopoly.

If Diebold’s top leadership has been found by federal investigators to be guilty of inflating their profits, is it unreasonable to be able to ask if their number-crunching company approach has carried into their administration of numerous elections that have long stood out as dubious?

For too long, Max Cleland has not been vindicated for losing his U.S. Senate seat in Georgia in 2002, amid suspect results in a bitter election that included his Republican opponent attacking the decorated war veteran and triple amputee for being soft on terrorism. Chris Hood, a former elections technician for Diebold, spoke to Velvet Revolution to identify his role in applying a “patch” on election night in Georgia in 2002 under direction from the Diebold president.

Even after elections have been called and conceded, their problems need to be investigated, and laws need to be enforced.

The irregularities on Diebold machines widely reported throughout Ohio in the 2004 presidential election led me to explore and document Diebold’s role in how secure our vote tabulation is, and how they received such significant contracts with states in the first place in my election film FREE FOR ALL! The electronic voting machines documentary Hacking Democracy investigated how vulnerable these machines are, and how determined Diebold was to cover up their faulty process rather than improve transparency.

So is it so surprising that Diebold, the one-time protector of America’s votes, is the kind of company that would leave kinda sensitive stuff lying around a hotel lobby recently in their home state Ohio, like tech specs for getting in and out of their ATM machines, as well as decals that would let you pimp your ride to look like an official Diebold employee?

There’s a whole book of ATM specs, but I hesitate to share more, since Diebold could try to screw me like they did Stephen Heller, the Diebold Whistleblower (described here in the election integrity doc Uncounted) , who as a legal temp came across documents proving Diebold’s intent to mislead the California Secretary of State about improvements to their voting machines. Heller alerted the media and Diebold was exposed, and their voting machines were dropped by the California Secretary of State, who also referred Diebold for criminal charges. Unfortunately for Heller, he was prosecuted by the District Attorneys office and had to pay $10,000 in damages for violating attorney-client privilege.

So, in advance, I have some Diebold money to pay them with, which was also laying around this Ohio hotel lobby after a recent Diebold sales conference, presumably used to demonstrate how securely their machines protect Monopoly money:

Seeing as how Wally O’Dell, who as Diebold president infamously promised to deliver Ohio for George W. Bush in a 2004 Republican fund raising letter, will have to pay $470,000 personally in damages, here is some incentive to do your business with Diebold, who clearly needs to boost their sales if they have just been convicted for lying about them for years:


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