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David Broder at WaPo, Please Grow Up

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

In response to his cliche-ridden piece in the Washington Post urging Obama to go on in to Afghanistan with $40B more troops (”play the hand your dealt”? This is policy? That’s not even good poker strategy), I wrote the following to columnist David S. Broder.

You oversimplify foreign policy affecting an entire region of the world’s poorest and most decimated, urging the lives of tens of thousands of Americans follow blindly into an historically unwinnable nation, because you have decided, from the outside, that Obama’s judicious decision making is itself the problem with Afghanistan?

If he were to rush into war, to find out later the country was not guilty of what he claimed, would it be okay, because he acted hastily and gave you something to write about? Would you be certain to write a column years later acknowledging if your escalation urgings were ill-fated? Or would you then be blaming Obama for something else in Afghanistan, even if he did exactly what you said he should do?

Your insulated hawking belies a pandering predisposition to provoke controversy where it is not necessary as a means of asserting your relevance. Please, for the love of human decency, avoid such facile flourishes that play into the perennial malcontents who will fight any progress by this administration. Stop promoting the escalation of a war you don’t seem to know much about.

I suggest you assert your journalistic integrity on other issues sure to appeal to the anti-Obama zealots, such as “Why Won’t He Just Present His Birth Certificate Already?” or “Sarah Palin Really Didn’t Get a Fair Shake From Katie Couric.” That way, you can win points with the intellectual heavyweights you are courting with the “Dithering” meme, and no one else will take you seriously enough to escalate a 9 year-old war just because you sounded impatient in your column.


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