I am Jonathan and this is my blog. I study Literature at the University of Cincinnati and plan to become a best-selling writer in a few years. Currently, I am working on my first novel which hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) will be published soon. While preparing it I gained insight into the sphere, learned a lot about the process of publishing and communicated with experienced writers and publishers. All of that you will find on my blog. I will share my own experience as a beginning writer, tell you about challenges I`ve faced and hurdles to overcome. Sometimes I post tips I learned from experts in the field and people that inspire me to move forward every day. Most of them helped me in different situations and I hope they will come in handy for you one day.

Since publishing the first book is not a very profitable thing and it`s supposed to bring you recognition not a million dollars at once it may be quite tough financially. That`s why you always need a kind of a backup plan. The one I`ve chosen is writing articles for other people. I speak four languages so can provide texts in Spanish, French and Italian as well as in English. Besides some financial benefits, it also gives me a chance to perfect my writing and develop new skills such as fast writing, editing, and problem-solving since your customers may be demanding and would ask a text for yesterday. This experience will be described in the blog as well. So, if I managed to catch your interest keep reading and you won`t regret!