7 Ways to Earn Your Audience as a Writer

If you know what you are doing, writing your story or your novel – or even your blog posts – shouldn’t be that hard. What’s really difficult is to build up your audience. Most of the fresh authors have experienced an early race quit as they just couldn’t get popular enough.

To be honest, sometimes writing a good book isn’t going to make it. What you do around your writings will decide the number of people that will read and follow you and, ultimately, how popular you are.

But you are lucky, as the things you can do to earn your audience are quite simple and don’t require too much time or effort. In order to help you come up with the perfect strategy to increase the number of followers, we have compiled a list with 7 ways that help you earn and grow your audience.

Finding the Proper Niche

Just as with the selling of products, you have to provide the readers with what they love and require the most. This applies not only to your style of writing, but also to the presentation of your work, genre, length, and so many other things.

This means you will probably need to abandon your favorite genre in order to get your safe entry into the market. Writing what’s popular will increase your audience – and after you’re big enough, you can switch to your favorite genre and see how your readers will react to that. Then, you can act accordingly, and make the best decision to keep your success as well as your fans.

Writing Never Stops

If you are in the process of writing your novel and nothing else can interrupt you – it’s time you stop for a bit and listen to this. Growing an audience as a writer means that you hope to be able to make a living out of this. But you won’t be able to do so if it takes years for your readers to see something published by you.

What you have to do is a swift cellular division, and write all the time. Nowadays, with the presence of social media, your readers might expect a new piece from you every day. Insights on how the novel is going, paragraphs or hints to the plot are a great way to keep them entertained as well as to increase their numbers.

Just Share It!

If you thought that after you pressed that post button, your job towards increasing your audience is done – you are wrong. You forget the most important part of the world that we live in. That is, the ability to share everything you do with the rest of the people on the Internet.

Feedback Is More Important than You Think

Someone that has never heard of you randomly stumbles upon your page. Then, he or she will start analyzing it and see what kind of person you are. A bunch of comments without any replies from you will leave a bad mark for you.

Nowadays, people look for feedback and interaction – especially when it comes to people they are fans of. Just imagine being able to freely send a message to your favorite author – and then not getting a reply back?

Behave with your fans like you would like your favorite star to behave with you.

Have a Credible User Profile

In order to be recognized as a good writer, and one that’s worth the time, you have to be serious when creating your profile. Adding all of the required information will do the trick.

Have Some Press-Releases

Even if this is a somehow old-fashioned way, it works most of the times. By getting out of the shell that’s social media, you can rely on magazines, newspapers, literature clubs or fests.

Make use of every opportunity you have to talk about your creation, your projects and be sure to leave a mark on the people you talk with as they might just become part of your audience.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Well, of course, the very first people you can rely on to be part of your audience are your friends and your family. They can be more than your audience; they can be those people you provide with early sneak-peaks and those that will tell you if your idea is bad right away.

Having them spread the word is a great way to slowly increase your audience as they’ll know how to describe you the best.


There are many ways you can rely on to grow your audience – from the variety of online methods up to fan meetings or literature clubs (and this list keeps on expanding).

So, we bet you’ll have no problem in earning your audience if you follow these seven steps as well as discovering more!