5 Steps to Social Media Domination for Writers

If you are an author, young or just scratching the surface of the world, you are lucky that the old ages are long gone. You won’t have to go through a tiring process of personally promoting your book or your writings. Do you know how hard it was for the writers of times past to get acknowledged, to get the recognition they deserved?

Luckily for you, we live in a world that’s moved almost entirely by social media. And you can use this type of media from the leisure of your writing desk, to share your idea, writings, and novels. But it is not an easy environment to conquer.

Social media comes with a lot of challenges, which you want to successfully complete in order to have a well-advertised book or blog.

Therefore, let’s give you 6 of the steps you have to follow in order to achieve social media domination as a writer – so hold on tight and grab your ink and paper!

Be Active

Having a social media account linked to your blog, or your author’s page doesn’t mean that people will stumble across one of these two and then be guided to the other. No, sir!

The first secret to social media domination is to post, every single day!

Being active every day, updating posts and coming up with brand new creations for your readers will substantially increase the number of people that follow your page. They don’t want someone who remembers once every two weeks that he or she has a social media page that requires some posting to be done.

Don’t Argue! Make Love, Not War!

If you post every day, the number of followers will increase. And with this, there’s the possibility that some people, via comments, will ignite the flame of war between them and your followers.

In this case, your best choice is to be neutral and try to avoid conflict. Instead of wanting to win that argument, you should consider both opinions, yours and of your opponents, and give them no certain answer as to whom is right.

Feedback! Lots of It!

Even though you might be one of those writers that thinks his creation is special, and that it cannot be understood so easily, you should still ask your readers for feedback. You should always take into account the opinions of your readers and followers.

Ask for feedback, but provide feedback as well. Replying to comments will also make the readers see that you care about what they say, which is very important. Take advantage of the fact that you can interact with them so easily and use it to improve your writing!

Don’t Be Full of Yourself!

Besides your own creations, you should show your followers what authors and books you enjoy as well. You don’t have to make your author’s page just to promote your works.

Show the world that you are actively involved in the world of writing, share quotes or your favorite passages and start a debate with your readers in the comments. Share what you love with your readers and be aware of what they love too – it might just spark some new novel ideas in your head that will appeal to them.

Coin Your Persona!

We all know, writers are mysterious beings, almost out of this world. They do so well in building characters and the stories around them.

But the one thing every author should build first is his or her persona. You don’t have to act on social media the same way you act in your everyday life. Remember that you can be whoever you want to be if you are a writer. Add to that a pseudonym you carefully coined and you’ll be surrounded by a dark pitch cloud of mystery.

Your readers will try to step through the cloud only to find out bits and bobs of information about you. And this will keep them hooked to you and your stories. After pouring bits of you in your persona, take it and split it in other bits that you’ll add to your stories. And the formula for domination is complete!

Domination Achieved?

These have been only 6 of the steps required for you, as a writer, to achieve social media domination. There are quite a few left for you to discover, but these are the basic ones from which you should start.

So, if you take into account these steps, you’ll definitely see your audience grow, as well as your network. Take advantage of social media, it’s your best friend nowadays!