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Rove in Contempt

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

I WAS going to sign Don Siegleman’s letter of support to Congress at his website,

I WAS going to call for Rove’s immediate arrest by bugging Nancy Pelosi after watching this useful report by American News Project.

But THEN I read on ROVE.COM that you could download Karl’s responses to the House committee’s questions, answered in detail and very helpfully.  It’s just that he didn’t want to have to go through the whole “under oath” dealy-o in between his appearances on FOX News and GOP fund raisers.

His responses are detailed in their denials of having anything to do with anything that ever happened to Don Siegelman.  In fact, some of the responses seem like he had already had this explanation down for some time.

His flat denials and pointed clarifications of what other people did or meant seem so specific, even though he refuses to say them under oath, I kind of have to believe the guy.  Everyone should just leave him alone.  Seriously.  Even me.  So I am adding a credit to the end of FREE FOR ALL! that says, “By the way, Karl Rove is totally not guilty of anything ever.”

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From the Frontlines of Comic Con ‘08

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

More photos and tales to come of our OBAMA/ADAMA stickering of Comic Con in San Diego and its 125,000 attendees.  Below are some X-Wing pilots (The academy had to start admitting chicks).

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Comic Con ‘08 Diary, Part 1

Posted by John Wellington Ennis

Guest blogged by Asterios Kokkinos

*Make sure to vote on paper! A vote on an electronic voting machine is practically a vote for the Cylons! It’s practically voting ON a Toaster!

*No more Floridas, No more Ohios, No more New Capricas!

*Don’t let them cut the corners off your vote!

*Humans vote, Cylons don’t! (Although that’s wrong, I liked the rhyme)

(Ennis note: Fuck that! They’ll keep producing extra voters!  If there were complaints about the ‘dead voting’ in old Chicago, how about when voters can literally resurrect on Election Day!)

*Help safeguard democracy throughout the fleet!

*Don’t forget to vote this Colonial Day!

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